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Hello guys where ever you are,

actually, this is my new blog. i will provide you with many information about Kokia and game of course. also many neat stuff you wanna buy from me. there are very good quality poster and action figure that i “trow” to this blog. feel free to look around okey.

My name is Agung, i live in east java – Indonesia, in Kepanjen city to be precise. I am 21 now and still in college, in Brawijaya University if you are obvious. My hobby are swimming – in the river not the pool hehe -, listen a various type of music including Rock and ballad, but I prefer Japanese music (I love Kokia’s songs, its unbelievable flaws trough my heart), and playing games especially a Role Playing Games (RPG) because its offer a story that make my little brain work to solve a various mystery which lies in the game. Also there is gameplay like battle system, items and collecting some of magnificent equipments that can include the RPG is the most interesting type of game. If you have same hobbies as mine you can post your comment in my blog.

Or if you have a blog or two let me know so we can contact each other. Best regard for all of you!!!


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